20|30 Venture Studio

Redefining the way enterprises and individuals work using decentralised technologies.

The venture capital industry is broken.

The majority of funded startups fail, with billions of investment opportunity gone to waste each year. Great teams disband, their IP is typically lost, and any market traction or community is destroyed.

So we created our new kind of venture studio.

Our goal is to create a far more diversified, open, and complementary portfolio. While venture capitalists invest in separate companies, we believe the holding-company model brings great benefit to both investors and projects.

Everyone at 20|30 – whether founders, employees, investors or our entrepreneurs – has a stake in the Group, collectively owning the entire portfolio and 100 per cent of each project.

Keeping things in-house creates synergy and alignment between all teams, facilitating the free flow of ideas, resources, people and technologies from one project to another.

We’re always looking for entrepreneurs, innovators and teams to join us.

Our criteria for joining the portfolio is simple:

  • A game-changing, industry-disrupting product at its MVP stage, that eliminates points of friction in their respective markets
  • A clear path to revenue
  • “Single-digit” early-stage valuation
  • Alignment with our approach – we don’t invest, we acquire
  • A strong tech team of any size, with entrepreneurial drive
  • Synergy with projects across the portfolio a significant advantage

If you’d like to submit your project for consideration, get in touch – [email protected]


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