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20|30 is a venture studio building the future on blockchain. We are blockchain-agnostic and experiment-driven. Our four first experiments have all led to early sales success. Learn more about our growing ecosystem and our upcoming projects.Tokenisation is reinventing capital markets. This economic model built on blockchain technology is and redefining the roles of financial intermediaries, providing greater access to investment opportunities and injecting liquidity into global markets.

Companies can raise capital at a fraction of the time and cost when compared to traditional fundraising methods.

TokenFactory provides the infrastructure, tools, legal agreements and technology to tokenise your equity. We make the issuing process simple, with automated compliance built into our entire framework. We will also plug into regulated exchanges worldwide.

The tokenisation innovation


24/7/365 markets
Fractional ownership
Almost instant settlement
Reduces risk exposure
Trading efficiency


Raise capital quickly & cheaply
Greater flexibility in the fundraising process
Automated compliance
Access to a global market
Fewer intermediaries


Smart contract environment
Regulatory visibility
Greater liquidity & market depth
Smaller companies can compete

If you’d like to be among the first companies worldwide to tokenise their equity, get in touch – [email protected]


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