Revolutionising Capital Markets
Tokenisation is revolutionary and will transform the capital markets landscape beyond recognition. This is the 21st Century’s ‘big bang’ moment.

Theoretically, anything can be tokenised. To date, companies have focused primarily on traditional financial instruments and asset classes, such as equities and bonds.  What makes tokenisation particularly exciting, is that it can also be applied to ‘real-world’ assets such as property, gold, oil or gas, art; even your favourite sports team.

Some estimates suggest a new tokenised economy could reach $24 trillion by 2027.  Bolder estimates indicate the size of the future new market could be as large as $250 trillion. What is clear is that blockchain and distributed ledger technology are transforming the world’s financial markets on a Cambrian scale. They will look radically different by 2030.

Enter Mozaic Markets.

Creating a trillion-dollar tokenised economy

Mozaic Markets’ vision is to unlock trillions of dollars of currently illiquid assets and vastly increasing the numbers of trades.Our business is to Originate, Tokenise and Distribute assets on our Mozaic Markets platform.
  • Originate
    We source assets which can be tokenized including primary bonds, secondary securities, funds, private equity, real estate, art, wine and music. We believe in the future anything has the potential to be tokenised and will be considered as a potential asset.
  • Tokenise
    We structure and tokenise the asset using cryptography, handling all of the necessary KYC, AML and token administration through the investment lifecycle.
  • Distribution
    provide advice on timing, structure, marketing as well as offer constant investor feedback and market access to digital savvy investors.
Mozaic Markets is one of the few Fintech groups in the world that is able to offer our clients a full digital solution throughout the lifecycle of a tokenised trade.