We are building a broad, diversified portfolio of decentralized projects.
Our Financial Products Team looked at the cryptocurrency indexes, designed a better one, and we’re building it now. We have several other financial products coming.

We are looking at projects in energy, prescriptions, social, and more.

Token Factory

Is a division that will put ICOs onto the upcoming Pillar ICO wallet and help groups raising money do it safely. Token Factory will also tokenize start-up stock, partnership interests, alternative investments, and other new kinds of securities for sale in the Whitelist Exchange. We will create tokens that many different kinds of investors will want.

Ultimately, the goal of the Token Factory division is to legally securitize hundreds of startups and projects, and offer their tokens via beta-investment products – tokens that represent portfolios. This way, we will disrupt venture capital with index funds of startups and projects. We will combine tokens, crowdfunding, and the power of smart beta to eliminate venture capitalists and private-equity firms.

THe Whitelist Exchange

A simple cryptoexchange for Accredited Investors

This is a token investment platform that is very similar to eTrade, Charles Schwab, and other stock-trading platforms, but it is for blockchain-based investments only and for accredited investors only. It looks and feels a lot like today’s crypto exchanges, but it’s specifically built for accredited investors and wealth managers. We will start with the Swiss market and build toward the US market over the next few years.

The Cryptx Index

CryptX is both an index and a token. The CryptX index is the industry-leading benchmark for all cryptocurrencies and is updated daily. The CryptX token will be a single token that represents a basket of large-cap and mid-cap cryptocurrencies. It represents the asset class of large-cap and mid-cap cryptocurrencies.


For crypto investors

The CryptX token gives you diversification. Convert some of your BTC to CryptX and benefit from the rest of the market while decreasing the volatility on your portfolio.


For new investors

Bitcoin is a high-performance investment with high volatility. The CryptX token gives you exposure to the asset class with reduced volatility and risk.

For journalists

Our goal is to provide an index that gives people a birds’ eye view of the cryptocurrency market, similar to what the S&P 500 does for stocks. Our index is well designed and will continually adjust to the market as it grows.


We don’t believe we can pick the winners, and we don’t believe you can, either. Our goal is to offer a wide range of unmanaged portfolios that can be purchased as a single cryptographic token. We are dedicated to beta investing – building blockchain-based financial products that represent asset classes rather than managed portfolios. We are starting with an index token that we believe is a smart approach to investing in cryptocurrencies.

Millions Raised


Amount of Pillar Tokens 20|30 Owns

Pillar Project

You know us. You’ve seen us working to raise money and prove our open, inclusive vision. You saw us raise over $20 million last summer in an ICO for the Pillar Project, which has now been moved to its own nonprofit foundation.

20|30 holds 10% of Pillar tokens

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