Building a safer internet with data privacy at the heart


What we do

Digital technologies are transforming every facet of our lives for the better. While these innovations are exciting, they are creating one of the largest threats to society as we know it - data abuse.

Thirty years into mass internet adoption, the internet is breaking. We have lost control of our data and bad actors are abusing the data they can freely collect on those of the 7.5 billion people in the world who go online to search, post,shop or generally interact with the internet.

Setting the new global standard in data privacy

nRelay, a longstanding member of the Ethereum community, is creating infrastructure and developer tools toreinvent the way the Internet works and accelerate the creation of a decentralised digital economy.

Through their powerfully simple infrastructure, which allows for endless scalability without having to think about costs or privacy concerns, OpenRelay hopes to liberate economic innovators to think creatively and boldly shape the future of technology.

OpenRelay services

Let us deal with the infrastructure – so you can just #BUILD.


Rivet is the first privacy-focused open source gateway to Ethereum which aims to protect Web3 users from exploitative data mining practices; seamlessly connecting businesses and their developers to the blockchain so they can build products of the future.


Cortex is a highly customisable order book infrastructure offered as a service to developers building Dapps that need to trustlessly exchange tokens between two wallets without taking custody of their users’assets–in short, DEX-infrastructure as a service.

2030 Group is a minority shareholder in OpenRelay