We plan to build a broad, diversified portfolio of decentralized projects. 

We are connected to Etherisc, a fantastic team building parametric insurance solutions. They built a smart contract for the Ethereum blockchain, the world’s first commercial insurance contract on any blockchain. It was an experiment, a payoff contract to pay people if their flights were canceled. You can read their lessons learned and a summary of the project. This project cost essentially nothing and got the team many meetings with insurance companies and now a contract to develop a system. This is bootstrapping. We hope to give this group more money and they will become our insurance division.

Our financial-products team looked at the cryptocurrency indexes, designed a better one, and sold $60k of it to friends. Again, this hardly cost any money — we took $60k and will give people back $60k worth of the top-50 cryptocurrencies. We expect another $40k soon. This will let us launch our index product in Q1, 2017. 

Decentral Station is our learning portal, where people can learn about blockchain and its uses. It's meant to be a starting point for learning about decentralized apps, smart contracts, cryptocurrencies, blockchains, and more. 

We want more projects. If you have a project going that needs funding, please contact us. 

We have much more coming. One project at a time, but as soon as we can, we will scale out to create many new projects already on the drawing boards.