Removing Security Risks from Investing in Digital Assets
The digital asset sector is rapidly growing as the world’s largest investors and traders start to see the enormous potential of this‘once-in-a-generation’ investment opportunity. Mainstream adoption of digital assets as a global mechanism for value transfer, however, remains a challenge. This is due to a failure in addressing extraordinarily high and unique systematic security risks around the movement of digital assets - specifically, irreversible errors, employee safety and embezzlement.

As transactions in digital assets can be undertaken anonymously, without robust security measures in place, they are exposed to bad actors and abuse. Digital asset crime is reported to have soared to record highs in 2018 and losses topping an estimated $1.7 billion.

Enter MetaVault.

New Leader in Global Digital Asset Security

MetaVault is the new global standard in secure custodial and non-custodial digital asset solutions to institutions and high-net-worth clients. A powerful, customised digital stronghold for Bitcoin, Ether and many others including Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, ERC20 and ERC721 based tokens– MetaVault is a locked ecosystem of approved destinations and a dedicated custodian for digital assets allowing for fast, frictionless and secure payments processing.

MetaVault is among the select few custodians who can addA-rated third party insurance to their digital custody solution to create an explicit guarantee of safety, meaning that the risk of holding digital assets at MetaVault becomes effectively, zero.