Why invest in 2030?

2030 Group is constantly raising capital to grow its one-stop shop distributed ledger technology stack. We do this through acquiring early stage companies with a workable MVP, as well as through in-house innovation.


“Nobody really knows what the future holds but there is one thing of which we can be certain. Rapid advancements in the trifecta of Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and DLT are transforming all aspects of society – how we work, live and connect with each other. Anything that can be automated, will be automated. Global businesses which don’t embrace innovation risk becoming obsolete. In the year 2030, society as we know it will look radically different to the world we know today.”

Tomer Sofinzon
Founder and CEO, 2030 Group

What you get

•  Equity at the holding level, gives you a piece of every game-changing project across the Group

•  Liquidity for your investment - our equity tokens will be tradable within one year of distribution

•  Access to our global network of the greatest minds in blockchain technology and global markets

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