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Jed Baxter is a communicator with extensive analytical and facilitation skills gained from over 20 years experience in a variety of international companies and roles.  He's been a Cobol programmer / analyst, done client-support in a bureau, a capactity and performance analyst on mainframes, and lately a global internal communications editor. Based in London, he's helping with research and communications. 

Ken Cikanovich is an all-around get-it-done IT guy and project manager living in Annapolis, MD, USA. He’s volunteering to catch all the balls even before they drop. He’s been super helpful in preparing the launch of our new site, forums, and product. 

Peter C. Earle is an economic researcher, financial markets professional, and author. He has been a trader in global financial markets for over 20 years. His areas of interest include agent based modeling, network science, cryptocurrencies and virtual economies. He is helping us with our index product.

Eleanor Miller has been working in Financial Services in the UK for over 20 years, first in software development, but for the last nine years as a Business/Data Analyst and Architect. I'm particularly interested in the Personal Data Locker project because I think it's now clear to most people that LinkedIn ain't what it used to be, and the business networking world needs a viable alternative.

Lucas Padovani is a marketing student in Marseilles, France. He is passionate about business and innovation. Enthusiastic about the opportunities offered by the prospect the blockchain, he strives to develop his knowledge about this technology and how it will change the world of business. He is excited to learn first-hand how to communicate these concepts, as he works with David on marketing, email, and communications.

Vitor Py is a senior software developer, has led cross functional teams in areas as diverse as aerospace, energy, and law enforcement. Former founder of SIM, a Brazilian computational materials science startup. Vitor is helping us with all the back-end systems and programming to support our projects. 

Iain Rogers has been involved in financial markets for over 20 years. He is a passionate advocate of change and disruption as forces for good, while building brighter futures and better outcomes for many. He lives in London and helps us strategically in many matters. 

Darren Sinden has spent 30 years in financial markets and still loves to learn and explore. He is fascinated by numbers, human behavior, and technology - especilaly their intersections and the opportunities this creates. He lives in London.

Kazunori Seki spent 23 years with IBM Japan, envisioning user interfaces, managing Thinkpads and related products over $1b in revenues. He is active in blockchain and financial businesses in Tokyo and is a distributed decentralization consultant. He wants to help bring Japan into the global decentralization movement. We hope he will be able to open our blockchain innovation center in Tokyo.