IDWorks wins R3’s global ‘Corda Challenge: Call to Action’

May 28, 2020
IDWorks has developed a new COVID-19 healthcare solution called CertifyMe Built on R3’s blockchain platform, Corda,

CertifyMe is an ultra-secure, fast and easy way to help governments issue digital certificates in a health pandemic. 

Decentralised identity technology specialist, IDWorks, part of 2030 Group, has been named as one of three winners of R3’s global Corda Challenge: Call to Action.


The competition was held in response to the COVID-19 global health crisis. R3 invited companies and entrepreneurs in April to submit proposals for practical solutions that can be deployed to address a specific pain point caused by the pandemic. With the winners receiving funding and support from R3 to help quickly test, build and deploy that idea or solution.


Solutions needed to either solve or support an immediate requirement, such as tackling inefficiencies or friction in the healthcare system, new ways of staying connected, or easing the transition out of the global shutdown in the near future.


IDWorks’ winning solution is called CertifyMe.


IDWorks identified an urgent need for a secure ‘digital certificate’ of individuals’ coronavirus test results that could provide a portable proof of health status for individuals. One which was safe, secure and trusted. CertifyMe is built to be compatible with track and trace applications, to stop the spread of a virus, as well as manage lifting of nationwide lockdowns. Protecting citizens, the healthcare systems and economies.


“There is a lot of discussion about potential digital identity solutions, with the main global debate being over centralised versus decentralised technology," notes Ankur Banerjee, Head of Engineering at IDWorks and Head of Technology at 2030 Group.


“The key challenge is how to offer a secure and privacy-conscious solution when sharing elements of private health records outside the healthcare industry. Decentralised identity is the only software architecture on the market today that is able to offer this level of security and reassurance with a high degree of privacy.”’

"There is a misconception that 'decentralised' technology involves a heavy use of blockchain and technology which is difficult to understand. Really, what we are doing is re-centralising data around the user, rather than it being centralised on companies' servers. It is about giving direct control back to individuals. The distributed ledger, in this instance, Corda, is used as a point of trust. I can show my digital certificate to my workplace, and they can check against the Corda network that it is legitimate."


CertifyMe will enable governments to unlock countries, allowing citizens to go back to work speedily and safely. Protecting national economies. All in a secure data-protected way. 


Banerjee adds: “Our solution, CertifyMe,enables individuals to carry secure and verified digital proofs similar to how they would carry traditional ID documents such as driving licenses and passports, with tamper-proof digital signatures.”


CertifyMe can be quickly added as ‘plug-in’ software to existing public health apps, or white labelled. Built on R3’s blockchain platform, Corda, and also interoperable with other ledgers, it gives healthcare workers and testing labs the ability to issue COVID-19 test results in a secure, user-controlled, reusable way.”

CertifyMe will also incorporate the ability to print out the certificates on paper, deliver them over text message, or add to mobile wallets. We wanted to design CertifyMe to be as inclusive as possible” said Alex Tweeddale, IDWorks’ data privacy expert. “The certificates can be further secured behind passcodes and biometric readers on phones. For those without the capacity to use a digital certificate, a care delegate or guardian may be assigned on their behalf.”  


Tweeddale adds: “Our certificates can be issued following take-at-home tests, drive-through, or central testing facilities. CertifyMe is also designed in a flexible and adaptable way, to accommodate for any type of test and changes in public health and government policy decisions.”


“IDWorks invites the digital identity and public sector ecosystem to collaborate with us in an open, interoperable standards-based ecosystem to create a new paradigm for consent-based and privacy-focussed identity.”


Winners were selected by a panel of judges including technical and industry experts from R3, and LeadBlock Partners, based on their go-to-market strategy,technical design, and most importantly — their impact on the COVID-19 challenges.


Winners will receive support from R3 alongside their ecosystem partners, Vacuumlabs and LeadBlock Partners, to accelerate time to market through development, stakeholder engagement, advice and capital.