Hello new logo, new website

May 19, 2020
IDWorks has developed a new COVID-19 healthcare solution called CertifyMe Built on R3’s blockchain platform, Corda,

CertifyMe is an ultra-secure, fast and easy way to help governments issue digital certificates in a health pandemic. 

As 2030 Group embarks on its next phase of growth, we felt it was time for a brand makeover.


We wanted to create a logo which resonates with our new identity of being a global innovation company solving real world problems. As well as our vision to become the number one provider of distributed ledger technology (DLT) solutions worldwide. A one-stop shop; building global DLT products and services which will be mainstream in the year 2030.


Every sector, market and country can benefit from DLT transformation. And 2030 Group is the catalyst for this change.


We therefore wanted our new logo to encapsulate the sheer scale of our ambitious vision and how we hope to achieve this; with our customers able to choose the building blocks they need from our DLT stack and customise their solution.


We chose a circular brand icon to reflect the protective element of our brand. Our technology helps our customers make their digital operations more resilient, secure and safe.


We segmented the icon into complementary and harmonious fragments to reflect not just the building blocks of our DLT stack, but the collaborative nature of our culture. We believe the best ideas grow from diverse thinking and great teamwork. 


We curved each segment to replicate movement. A form of spiral, showcasing the agility, energy and continuous innovation of our company.


We also wanted to create a logo with a simple icon which we could use to identify 2030 when using our apps, d'Apps and other software solutions. One that doesn’t involve the need for words.


Website and quarantine teamwork


Today we also unveiled our new look website in our new corporate colours of purples, blues and teals. With a dash of yellow when we’re drawing attention to something important, like our work with governments and healthcare advisers on the COVID-19 pandemic.


Our new website marks not just a new chapter in our history, but a case study in the culture of 2030 Group.


Created during the coronavirus pandemic by a team in quarantine. All working independently from home, collaborating over zoom, email and chat channels. By people who have limited website experience and approached the task with 2030’s core values of innovation, collaboration and fearlessness. 


We’re proud of what we have been able to achieve in such a short space of time. And proud of the new skills we have learned in the process.


Over the coming months you’ll see us continue to experiment and advance our brand identity. New visuals. New content. New thinking. But more consistent and, we hope, more recognisable in time.


We’re excited about what the future holds and look forward to bringing you with us on our brand journey.