Here you can find many ways to be part of our community

We are excited to invite you to join our channel, get involved in and contribute to the 20|30 vision. This community channel is where all that activity will be taking place, transparently, voluntarily and efficiently. Our Community is powered by Mattermost, an open-source browser-based tool .

  • Discussions about status of the project 50%
  • Organization of tasks 80%
  • Connecting to our community members 65%

We organise regular meetups where you can meet the Pillar Project core team, volunteers, community members and anyone else interested to learn more.
When we organise meetups if you have a Pillar Project t-shirt or shirt please wear it so that everyone will be able to easily find us all.

  • Networking face-to-face 85%
  • Sharing ideas 70%
  • Brainstorming possible solutions 50%