Looking for a blockchain developer intern

At 20|30, we are looking for an intern to help us build our definitive index of cryptocurrencies. It’s a big project. We already have about six people working on it. Now we’re looking for someone to build a multi-blockchain explorer. At first, it’s to track our multi-blockchain portfolio, which will consist of about 50 cryptocurrencies. Later, we would like to build a general multi-chain explorer. We hope to find a sharp developer who has familiarity with crypto, APIs, and blockchains in general, and who is excited about our project to change the world. Please introduce yourself in our forums and tell us what experience and interest you have in this project. 

This project will be paid in our future stock token, which won't be public for more than a year. All of us are working passionately to build this future. We do it to work together on ground-breaking projects. The reward of future stock is an afterthought. 

Thank you.