Introducing 20|30!

It's a privilege to write the very first post on a new blog - something I've done about five times in my life. My name is David Siegel. I'm one of the founders of 20|30. Another one of the founders could be you. We're creating a very open, very scalable ecosystem of blockchain entrepreneurs, bootstrappers, marketing and sales people around the world. If you can sell it, we can build it. This is how we plan to conquer the world - with sales that drive innovation, not the other way around. We want your energy to build this community. We want you to register and join our discussions and be part of our movement. Here's what you can do here: 

Learn. Please join the forums (click on COMMUNITY), register, and find the discussions that interest you. We are passion driven, so learn and share what you have learned. 

Take action. In any community, about 90 percent of people just read and never interact once, about 9 percent do a bit, and one percent of people does 99 percent of the work. We hope in this community there will be more doers and fewer watchers. It's a time of action. It's a time to try things, to mock up, to pretotype, to prototype, to write white papers and express your vision, to join other projects, to bring in the news, to make comments and to promote 2030 in your sphere of influence. 

Become part of the team. Those who do the most are automatically part of the team here. We reward hours worked with our equity tokens, which we hope will be worth quite a lot someday. We're bootstrapping - if you can help us bootstrap (building value, selling, getting consulting work, bringing in investors), you'll be rewarded.

Act like an owner. Act like 20|30 is your company - it is! You make things happen, you get stock. Help us promote the web site in your communities. Help us reach out to potential partners and funders. Help others learn. Organize events. Write a blog post. Write an article on Find something that needs to be done and do it. Find a problem and solve it. Take the initiative - there's no one to ask! Just do it! Anything you do that builds the community is very valuable, for our community will be our supporters when it's time for us to go public next year.

Add a 2030 banner to your LinkedIn profile. There are five to choose from. Get them here

Spread the word. We need to get at least 500 people into our community to have a viable ongoing group discussion. Please help us with social media, emails, referrals, and whatever you can do to help get the word out. We are very interested in talking with journalists now - do you know any? 

Thanks to all the enthusiastic people who have made 2030 possible, from investors to volunteers to people just contributing in the forums. I hope 2017 is the year we become an unstoppable force in the world. 

David Siegel