About Us

We are the founders of Twenty Thirty AG, a corporation registered in Zug, Switzerland ...


David Siegel is a web pioneer, author, and serial entrepreneur. He is the CEO of 20|30 and led the team to a successful ICO of the Pillar project in July, 2017, raising more than $20 million. The project is now operating in London and Rio. David is working with his expanding team on a portfolio of new products including the CryptX index token, a new kind of exchange, a new blockchain explorer, and consulting. 

David is the world’s first web designer, started one of the world’s first web-design agencies, and sold it to KPMG. He was a figure in the semantic web movement and is now a central player in the world of blockchain, cryptocurrencies, tokens, and crypto-investing. He is the creator and curator of decentralstation.com, a blockchain learning web site. In 2016 he was a candidate to be the dean of Stanford business school. To learn more, see OpenStanford.com, BusinessAgilityWorkshop.com, GlobalBetaVentures.com, TheICOHandbook, and Dsiegel.com. 20|30 is his 22nd startup.

Tomer Sofinzon is an entrepreneur and business development executive. He founded ClearCi, a company focused on delivering Enterprise Intelligence solutions. He has worked in venture capital with a focus on strategic partnerships. 

Vitor Py is a senior software developer, has led cross functional teams in areas as diverse as aerospace, energy, and law enforcement. Former founder of SIM, a Brazilian computational materials science startup. Vitor is helping us with all the back-end systems and programming to support our projects. 

Yogesh Gaikwad is a young Indian entrepreneur with a technology marketing background who started India's first Growth Hacking company and is building Digital and Tech Startups with new unique ideas across UK, Switzerland, UAE, India, Singapore and USA. 

Charles Bell is a consultant, integrator, and coach who helps organizations leverage emerging technologies by evolving the organizational culture. By creating extreme clarity and common understanding, Charles produces succinct visions, creates multi-layered alignment, enables groups to find the path to change. Charles has been working with internet technologies since 1994 and has experience in industrial, government, and technology organizations.

Rob Gaskell has held Director positions of award-winning financial-services and multi-family-office businesses. He has over 13 years as a Director and 25 years’ experience in technology, operations, software, security, and M&A. Rob has a Fintech Qualification from MIT and strong interests in Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, and Artificial Intelligence. He has an undergraduate degree in Engineering with Management from King’s College London and a Leadership Development certificate from Cambridge Judge Business School.


Anish Mohammed is a member of the Blockchain Advisory Group, recently a chief architect of blockchain solutions at Lloyds. He has deep expertise in Security Architecture, Security of Big Data, Security Analytics, Cloud Security, Blockchain and Cryptography. He is a rock-star blockchain system designer and developer. He lives in London.

Sasha Serafimovski’s  first career was as an equities analyst at Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch, covering the financial sector. Since then an entrepreneur, investor, and mentor to a number of startups in Israel, Denmark and the UK. Sasha is based in London and very much part of the early-stage ecosystem. He will be helping Twenty Thirty on finance and business development.

Martin Callinan has over 20 years’ experience in the software industry specializing in software licensing, IT Governance and risk avoidance. He advises us on open-source software and business risks of intellectual property, licensing, copyrights, security vulnerability management, and operational risk. His company is Source Code Control

Andre Rafnsson has over 20 years management experience in the international pharmaceutical, medical device, specialty chemicals, and recently the biotech sector. Since 2010, Andre has been working in private equity as an investor and director in various life-science start-ups. He holds an equity stake as well as supervisory board positions in those companies. He is also on the board of the Rhodos Fond of Denmark.