Our Story

Decentralised technologies, artificial intelligence, machine learning - are shaking up every sector and no market is immune to disruption.

It’s never been easier or cheaper to launch a technology start-up. A new product does not have to be perfect to test and validate an idea. But to develop the technology, scale-up, and hire all the talent required to manage the sales, branding, legal requirements and so on, significant capital and more important, market access, is critical.

20|30 Group (“20|30 Holdings Limited”) was created in 2016 by serial entrepreneurs and venture investors who recognised the limitations of the existing investment options on offer to the rapidly growing number of decentralised technology start-ups with revolutionary industry-transforming ideas.

Responding to the needs of technology entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs generally turn to the repetitive, distracting and severely time-consuming process of traditional VC capital investment, often taking as much as 80/90% of the time constantly chasing funds.

Others turn to accelerators, which have a supportive ecosystem and plenty of fresh early stage funding to nurture new companies. But it comes with a shelf life, and the stark reality is the majority need a much longer incubation period. Billions of investment opportunity is wasted every year as a consequence.

Truly industry-transforming businesses need something different to the traditional VC avenues available to them. This is why we founded 20|30 Group.

A global innovation group for decentralised technologies

We acquire, rather than invest, as well as build our own products and solutions in-house. We remove all of the capital raising pain from an entrepreneur, simultaneously providing them with the market access and expert ecosystem they need to transform their ideas from concepts to world leaders. 20|30 provides the rocket fuel entrepreneurs need to succeed extremely fast.

Diversified global portfolio

Today our portfolio companies are heavily involved in disrupting the global financial services industry.

That being said, we are radically open-minded about which tech segment future portfolio companies may come from. There are no limitations.

We are looking into all of the largest industries in the world and where we see friction, we consider whether blockchain or decentralised technologies can have an impact producing solutions that solve those problems in a cheaper or faster way.

Every sector is ripe for disruption.

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