Investment Strategy

Connected by a shared philosophy – a belief that decentralisation is a powerful force reshaping societies and the organisations within them

We’re industry agnostic

We know it’s impossible to cherry-pick the winners, so we invest across all industries to minimise risk and increase diversification. This is not only less destructive and volatile, but more efficient - we test and pivot quickly.

We’re market driven

We develop ideas which aim to solve market friction and disrupt entire industries. We aspire to be at the cross section of innovation and commerciality, so all ideas must be validated by their potential commercial success.

We’re unafraid of failure

We nurture big ideas, beginning with small experiments to test, validate, scale or discontinue them. When we fail, we grow our institutional knowledge and experience, recycle any IP and team, and build better projects.

1. We leverage our global network to discover pioneers and game-changers

We are very proactive. We have our finger on the pulse of the latest innovations bubbling up in the world’s leading tech hot spots, from Silicon Valley to London, Berlin and Tel Aviv.

We look for industry-disrupting solutions at its MVP stage, a clear path to revenue, “single-digit” early-stage valuation, a strong tech team of any size and synergy with products and businesses across our portfolio.

2. We identify points of friction and move fast once we something with great potential

Whilst we are heavily involved in disrupting Financial Services today, we are radically open-minded about which tech segment future portfolio companies may come from.

There are no limitations.We are looking into all of the largest industries in the world and where we see friction, we consider whether decentralised technologies can have an impact in a cheaper, faster and simpler way.

Ideas must be validated by their potential commercial success. We assess business models, market traction and future potential revenue streams before acquiring a company, individual entrepreneur, or build a new solution in-house.

3. We acquire and invest for the long term

We provide long-term expertise and capital, the rocket fuel our portfolio companies need, to transform their ideas from concepts to world leaders.20|30 is a long-term business incubator fuelling an upward spiral of growth for our portfolio companies.

We believe in deep collaboration and cross-pollination of our portfolio companies, which allow us to solve a broader range of issues for customers, simultaneously accelerating the growth of all 20|30 businesses.

We will also augment existing portfolio companies, adding capabilities and synergetic businesses to market centres of excellence – for example fintech, healthcare and education.

Over time, 20|30 intends to own a large portfolio of decentralised technology businesses across varying levels of maturity, from early stage start-ups, to those we have accelerated to success and have become global leaders.

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