Our Culture

20|30 Group is a company of companies

A global group of intelligent, experimental and forward-thinking entrepreneurs and technologists, each with their own individual identities and expertise but with one shared character trait – a desire to leverage decentralised technology to build a better future for society. We are the entrepreneur behind the entrepreneurs.

Courage, Ambition and Passion

Today, we pride ourselves on our courage, ambition and passion. We are radically openminded and believe great ideas can come from anywhere and anyone. We believe innovation comes from continuously listening for the unexpected and challenging ourselves, and our customers, to always question the way things have been traditionally done.

Collaboration, Inclusive and Integrity

Collaboration, the sharing of valuable knowledge and experience, is an important part of 20|30’s DNA. We are an inclusive and diverse community of experts who proactively help colleagues to professionally and personally grow.

We collectively share, learn and build solutions together. We believe in deep collaboration and cross-pollination of our portfolio companies as this allows us to solve a broader range of issues for customers, simultaneously accelerating the growth of all 20|30 businesses.

Quality, Agile and Impact

All our activities must score highly on quality, effectiveness and efficiency, and be delivered quickly. To achieve this, we drive ourselves to make fast decisions with surgical precision and impact. Our culture is agile, fast and high energy. If something is not working, we fail safely, learn from the experience, and move on.


In our opinion, all of this is the best way to delight our customers and make working here considerably more fun. And this is ultimately an extremely important part of who we are. At 20|30, we all work hard because we want to. We are excited by and enjoy what we do. And we laugh a lot. We believe laughter is a powerful contributor to creativity and innovation. And as a global innovation group, laughter is a key ingredient to our success.

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