Environment, Social & Governance

Investing responsibly is an essential part of managing risk.

20|30 Group is radically open-minded to investing in a wide range of products across all continents and sectors. The investment sectors and companies will be evaluated on a case by case basis and passed through the Board of Directors for investment approval in accordance with the goals and values of 20|30 Group.

That being said, global recognition of environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues is driving a major shift in investor attitudes, embedding itself in investment choices, becoming more integrated into processes, incorporated in risk management and intertwined with ethical concerns.

Investors increasingly understand that neglecting ESG considerations can not only make poor ethical sense but can also heighten the risk of financial loss in their portfolios. 20|30 Group will not acquire businesses with entities linked to pornography, tobacco or firearms. We are also concerned with environmental issues and data privacy and as such will carefully scrutinise how our initiatives or acquisitions regard these before pursuing those businesses.

When we identify material ESG risks in a company, we will engage with management team in order to better understand the issues and exert influence to encourage improvements to its practices. In doing so, we can reduce risks and increase the potential value created over the long term.

Ultimately, at 20|30 Group, we believe investing responsibly means considering the long-term impact on our customers and clients, rather than simply focusing on the short term for our portfolio of businesses.

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