You have probably noticed for years already that LinkedIn was going downhill. Not just the new user interface, but the quality of the posts, the gaming of the system, and the biases inherent in the selection processes make LinkedIn a dysfunctional ecosystem. As I have written about before, and I have actually written a book about, the only acceptable replacement is an open-source platform where you own your own data.

So we asked some LinkedIn members to tell us what they would like to see in a better version of LinkedIn, and they told us (see previous blog post). And now we’re getting a team together to build it. To do that, we want to launch our manifesto online, and to do that, we need a great domain name. So we thought we would outsource our name and our domain name to you, our readers and followers.

We want this to be a movement: an open-source platform that hundreds, then thousands of people will contribute to and build on top of. We expect to start a nonprofit foundation that oversees the platform, so no Microsoft can ever buy it. And we expect many entrepreneurs to build for-profit products and services on top of it. You can learn much more in our hard-to-find white paper, but for now we’re asking you to help us find a great name.

To do that, we’re having a contest. We are offering a new Nu Vision Windows tablet that’s great for surfing the web, playing games, checking email, etc, to the person who sends us the name we choose.

To enter, send your short list of name suggestions (one email per person), and I’ll put the most promising names into the slack for the group to discuss, research, and decide on. If we end up using your name, I’ll send you the tablet PC. Remember – your first submission is your last.

Bonus points for finding a good and available domain name to go with your fantastic platform name.

If you don’t have time to read the white paper, at least watch this short vision video:

In the past, the name I chose was Xyzygy. This name has many fun properties (only word in the english language with the letters XYZ in that order, only word with three Ys, etc.), but it is a) hard to remember, and b) remarkably taken these days.

A good name brings the purpose to mind while still being playful and off-center. There are plenty of resources online on how to come up with a good name, and even some online name generators.

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One other other thing: if you want to join our slack and be part of 20|30, you are welcome to join us. Just add in your email that you’d like to be added to our slack. Or send me a message any time asking to be added. My email is [email protected]

Thanks to all our supporters. We have BIG things planned. Join us and be part of it! We’re looking for coders, architects, designers, writers, marketing people, data people, and anyone else who wants to be part of our community. Just send me an email and I’ll invite you to our slack.

Thank you for your support.