Our Core Beliefs:

Purpose drives us: we are united in our quest to realize the decentralized world.
Community sustains us: we need each other to succeed.
A new world of work is coming, based on freedom, empowerment, participation, and joy.
We swarm where we are needed and collaborate.
Autonomous, decentralized systems empower people and innovation.

Our Goals:

Build blockchain innovation centers around the world, starting in London.
Solve existing business problems by removing middlemen.
Find new market opportunities and build solutions for them.
Create a mesh network of learning, cooperation, empowerment, excellence, and joy.
Launch our own coin and use it to accelerate innovation at world scale.

Our Upcoming Crowdsale: 

We are preparing to launch a crowdsale of tokens for a new system that will power the way we use information in the 21st century. 
Join us. We're a community. Come be part of one of the largest, most important crowdsales of 2017. 
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Please get involved: learn, participate in the forums, send your friends and colleagues, promote on social media, do experiments, act like an owner and help us build our community!