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20|30 is a movement and a company working at the intersection of technology and decentralization. We believe that decentralization will be a powerful force reshaping organizations and society. We are establishing innovation centers, building products and services that are profitable, providing consulting and supporting entrepreneurs.
Innovators need cash to pursue their dreams. We want to be the fundraisers who provide funding for many projects. We’re not a venture-capital fund. We want to find people who have done successful experiments and give them the fuel they need to exploit the opportunity they have found. We believe in keeping these projects in-house, so teams will join us and make us stronger. We are looking for investors who can help us grow.


The WhiteList Exchange

Will help start-ups tokenize their stock and offer them to accredited investors, thereby disintermediating venture capital. The exchange will offer securities that other exchanges can’t. We are building it now but need capital to ship the exchange and then enter our three top markets: Switzerland, the UK, and the US.

The CryptX index

Is a mathematically optimized index that gives investors more than 50 cryptocurrencies in a single token. We are planning to sell $2 billion of this token, which is by definition a security. It will be sold via the Pillar wallet and the Whitelist exchange. We are also developing other “smart beta” products.

Token Factory

A division that will put ICOs onto the upcoming Pillar ICO wallet and help groups raising money do it safely. Token Factory will also tokenize start-up stock, partnership interests, alternative investments, and other new kinds of securities for sale in the Whitelist exchange. We will create tokens that many different kinds of investors will want.

Our worldwide

community of

blockchain innovators

grows daily.

We have over 15,000 on our mailing list and about 1,000 people in the Pillar online community. Our new 20|30 community is now open – please join us.

We have 20|30 Blockchain Innovation centers

And they are up in London and Delhi. We want to build open blockchain innovation centers in major cities around the world. These centers, funded by partners, will build communities of entrepreneurs who are aligned with our purpose. This is an open-source approach to innovation that we expect will create a very large worldwide community and lead to many products.



Progress To Date

In less than one year …

We have designed and are building the best cryptocurrency index product, which we believe will have the highest Sharpe ratio of any crypto investment. It is fully automated and buys from more than a dozen exchanges.

We built a web site for the CryptX index and have many people asking for the CryptX token.

We have over a dozen volunteers working for 20|30 in marketing, business development, engineering, and design.

We have a team of developers at our 20|30 innovation center in Delhi building the Whitelist exchange – the first token-based exchange for accredited investors.

We completed an ICO for the Pillar project, raising over $20 million.


We had a successful conference with people coming from around the world to Poprad, Slovakia.

The company owns 10 percent of all Pillar tokens.

David Siegel published The Token Handbook, which has become a “Bible” of ICOs, token design, and tokenomics.

We have done consulting and professional speaking.


We launched The ICO Show, a new weekly show to learn about ICOs and the token economy, headlined by David Siegel.


20|30 is completely dedicated to decentralization and the blockchain, two of what I believe will be this century’s primary technology drivers. I’m a fan.

– Richard D. Titus

Founder & Managing Partner, ARK Advisors

We will combine tokens, crowdfunding, and the power of smart beta to eliminate venture capitalists and private-equity firms.

David Siegel

CEO 20|30

Token Factory is the sell-side stealth weapon of the blockchain industry – by tokenizing more and more securities, we’ll help bring the token economy to the masses.

Tomer Sofinzon