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The Whole is Greater
than the Sum of the Parts
20|30 is a venture studio building the future on blockchain. We are blockchain-agnostic and experiment-driven. Our four first experiments have all led to early sales success. Learn more about our growing ecosystem and our upcoming projects.



20|30 are excited to announce we have been
accepted to Cohort 4 of the FCA regulatory
sandbox, a huge step in our mission to build the
future of blockchain.

20|30 Limited

20|30 Limited is a new company that is aiming to tokenize equity and other securities for client firms. We have been accepted into the FCA sandbox and will conduct one of the UK’s first equity-token offerings. We have achieved several milestones to-date:
Accepted to Cohort 4
of the FCA regulatory sandbox
Raised £1 million in
seed capital
Investment platform in test
with exchange partners
We believe liquid markets will replace many of today’s financial intermediaries. Our goal is to change capital markets by tokenizing shares and building the exchanges that will trade tens of thousands of securities worldwide. Starting in London, we are building a network of licensed broker dealers and a trading platform that will let people around the world easily buy securities on their phones using their Pillar wallets.

CryptX Index Fund

CryptX is both an index and an investible fund.
The CryptX index will be the industry-leading benchmark for all cryptocurrencies and will be updated daily. The CryptX fund will let investors own a portfolio of large-cap and mid-cap cryptocurrencies, continuously adjusted according to our proprietary algorithm. It represents the asset class mid-cap cryptocurrencies, which have so far shown greater growth and lower volatility than the large-caps.

We believe in the wisdom and performance of unmanaged portfolios that capture the performance of an asset class in a smart way. The term “beta” implies correlation to the broader market indexes. Smart beta means using analytics and simulations to algorithmically define a broad-based, diversified investment portfolio.

Pillar Project

The Pillar Project is a Swiss nonprofit, based in Zug. As a platform, it welcomes third-party developers and entrepreneurs to build out its ecosystem.
In the spring of 2017, the 2030 community came together, planned, prepared, and launched a successful ICO for the Pillar Project, raising over $20 million in 60 hours. The Pillar Project’s goal is to create the world’s best cryptocurrency wallet and use that as a foundation to build a consumer’s personal data locker. Based on David Siegel’s book, Pull, the Pillar wallet will eventually become your digital personal assistant, helping you manage your data and giving you complete control.

20|30 is the tier-one Pillar development company. 20|30 is a “trusted partner,” helping build the regulated aspects of the ecosystem and create products and services that will go on the Pillar platform.

Innovation Centers



These centers, funded by partners, will
build communities of entrepreneurs who are aligned with our purpose.



This is an open-source approach to innovation that we expect will create a very large worldwide community and lead to many products.


David Siegel


Tomer Sofinzon


Rob Gaskell


Vitor Py


Andra Nicolau

Business Development

Andre Rafnsson

Business Development

Ralph Hofacker

CryptX Lead

Jack Thornborough

Head of Compliance

Chris Skulte


Kevin Bakhler

Business Development

Our Partners


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